To ensure the highest quality, durability and endurance we use the best techniques of machining, assembly and finishing. Recycled old wood, the primary source used for our furniture, is recovered, cleaned, seasoned and crafted with handcrafted and at the same time advanced techniques.

The materials are assembled in a way to remedy as much as possible to the typical wooden problems, such as deformation and deterioration, ensuring maximum stability.

The finished and assembled furniture is prepared with craftsmanship methods of lacquering, polishing and decorating to guarantee unique effects, not obtainable with industrial methods.


We completely embrace the values ​of respect for environment and eco-sustainability: our collections are made almost entirely with recycled wood from ancient constructions, saved from abandonment and brought to new life.

We use especially fir, elm, oak, teak and oak wood: precious woods with durability, resistance to weather and originality.

Our choice to recover old wood allows us also to not use chipboard, low quality solution which requires use of highly polluted grains.

Wood is crafted with craftsmanship and without the use of pollutants. Finishing and painting are largely done using a brush and manual, hand-made methods.

Make products with reduced environmental impact means respecting nature and man by re-using existing natural resources and without using toxic or polluting substances.

Made in Italy

The raw material is selected, dried and brushed in our production site and later worked internally or by selected partners.

We select the best and most aesthetic pieces that allow us to create unique furniture in their beauty, originality and quality.

The work is carried out using handicraft techniques, which are the result of creativity, passion and dedication that for generations are passed on in our land. The results is materials with added value and a sought-after aesthetic, that maintain the original and natural features.

Furniture are designed internally by our qualified staff or in collaboration with architects and designers who are a source of continuous innovation and comparison. In this way come out furniture reflecting the taste, the passion for the beautiful and the charm made in Italy.

The realization and construction phase takes place in our laboratories, in which the values ​​and know-how of Italian manuality are brought into a modern and eco-sustainable production process.

Customer Service

The service component is essential for us to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and it is reflected in some key aspects:

  • Pre-sales assistance and advice: the customer has the opportunity to visit our showroom and our warehouses, touching by hand the quality and the materials of our items, choosing the best product according to their taste and needs. Our qualified staff also take care to customers offering professional advice in the selection phase.
  • Custom made: Consumers always ask for more personalized products, through which communicate their identity and stand out from the mass. To meet this need we implemented a wide range of customizations from colors to decorations and finishing. On request we also realized completed made-to-measure items.